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Salted is a summer  woman’s wear label. Our  aim is to supply  minamalistic comfortable  natural fibre clothing year round, for the wearer to enjoy during the summer at home, or to pack and enjoy while travelling to warmer climates.

At Salted we create easy to wear, simplistic understated styles in natural fabrics, that can be dressed up or down, styles that encourage the wearer to let their personality shine through. As a result of the understated design, with planning, each garment can be re invented and give the wearer multiple outfit options.

The label is in keeping with the slow fashion movement. Each piece will easily reach the 30+ washes and wears due to the quality construction, thereby leaving a softer footprint on the environment.
Our natural fibre garments are manufactured to give longevity resulting in love worn favourites, with the added bonus of being biodegradable at the end of their lifespan. Manufacturing is done in small runs in a garden factory workshop in South Africa.

Based in the Cotswolds but with South African origins, Des Slabbert, the founder, was having difficulty finding a label that offered well constructed minimalistic summer designs in natural fibres.
She was not embracing the disposable fast fashion ethos of the high street, with their mass produced, poorly constructed garments using poly based fabrics, finding them both environmentally unfriendly and unpleasant to wear. Des, whose history is in clothing design, set about resurrecting her love affair of all things natural and Salted was born.